Sophie’s Busy Day by Dawn Sirett

Sophie the Giraffe is a staple on every baby registry. If you have a kid, you know about Sophie. But did you know she also features in a series of board books? We have a few. This one is a touch and feel book showcasing Sophie and her friends on their adventures during what is, in fact, a very busy day.

I know the point of a touch and feel book isn’t the story, but I don’t love reading this one. It’s not bad, it’s just also not great. And there isn’t much else to say about that aspect of it. It is what it is.

As far as the textures are concerned, this book slightly redeems itself. The textures in this book are different than the textures in her other touch and feel books, and I can definitely appreciate that. Faux fur is only so interesting. This one has corduroy, puffy spots, and glitter. The glitter one is actually too discreet, though–Kiddo is never terribly interested in that page. Although, to be fair, she is also like, the only toddler ever who doesn’t really care about touch and feel books in general.

This is currently a go-to for me. I like that the characters are animals I can identify, and that they are playing with objects I know, like blankets, toys, and pillows. It’s really short, though. I wish there were more fun textures and friends for me to learn about.


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