Happy Easter, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff

We came across this book in the quest for a non-candy, educational item for Kiddo’s Easter basket. Beyond being Easter themed and age appropriate, there were no requirements. Luckily, this little board book turned out to be a pleasant surprise that we have already read multiple times!

I didn’t have any expectations for this book, just the assumption that it would be similar in story/structure of the others in the series. I don’t dislike those stories (in fact, I think they’re great fun to read aloud) but there isn’t much there for a toddler. This one, though, turned out to be a fun, quick little story that will be perfect for us year-round, not just for the Easter holiday.

It does tell a short story about Mouse’s egg hunt, but it’s a bit stilted, which is why I knocked off one bee. That’s the only negative I have, though. I love that it teaches both colors and numbers in a way that is organic to the story. It’s long enough to create some repetition, but short enough to keep her attention from beginning to end. Perfect length!

This will probably be our new bedtime story for the week. It’s fun to read, and bonus: I don’t have to make funny voices, because there is no dialogue!

I like this mouse. I don’t know why his eggs are all over his house, or who/what a bunny is, but there is furniture, and I like to point at it. Good times.


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